Jade Garden Chinese Restaurants concept was born out of the love of Chinese cuisine, and bringing the traditional authentic Chinese restaurant experience to the Middle East. Since its inception in 2008 Jade Garden customers have been able to experience the true feeling of fine dining as if they were in downtown Shanghai.
Jade Garden’s master Chinese Chefs produce a delicious menu of original dishes of various prices, bringing the unique taste of China direct to the customer’s plate in the traditional far-eastern style. Jade Garden are listening to their customers and as such have introduced a variety of Filipino and Thai dishes for the full, delicious oriental fusion flavors to tempt your taste buds
At Jade Garden we only have genuine Mandarin Chinese decoration, atmosphere and music, to help create the full Chinese ambiance. Every element of the sumptuous surroundings has been hand selected to enhance the experience; from spectacular silk paintings to antique sculptures.
To maintain standards Jade Garden chefs hail from all over Asia (Sichuan, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, northeastern China, as well as the Philippines, Nepal and India). Their passion is to serve the customer as if they are a VIP with the best far-eastern Cuisine in fabulous and relaxing surroundings.
Customer satisfaction is our goal!
Jade Garden aims to grow and maintain its reputation in hospitality excellence throughout the world. As well as in Kuwait, with a second location in The Boulevard in building stages, there are restaurants in Dubai, China and a new restaurant opening in Bahrain at the end of the year. Showing you do not have to be in China to experience the true Chinese dining experience.